Silver sale almost over due to imminent worldwide ponzi collapse

You’ve noticed EVERY market is down EVERYWHERE. Asian, European and North American markets are panicked. Not to worry, the ECB and the G7 (soon the US FED) are going to fix everything. Here’s their options:

1. Print – devalue your currency.
2. Borrow – increase the debt ponzi
3. Steal – asset confiscation/nationalization

How do you keep everything you’ve worked for out of the coming worldwide ponzi collapse? First, they’re not going to let it collapse quickly (if they can avoid it), they’ll print. While this means paper assets will increase nominally, it is a temporary and inflationary. No real wealth creation takes place. The worldwide ponzi collapse cannot be printed over. Current derivatives exposure is estimated to be over $1.5 Quadrillion! All of it is bad debt that cannot be repaid, unless you like the idea debt slavery for your children and grand children.

Second, your leaders – aren’t! Prepare yourselves. Paper assets will be worthless, you need to convert to real money that cannot be debased. Gold and silver will skyrocket every time they print (and will go parabolic at collapse). Do not accept paper substitutes, ETFs, only gold and silver in your hand is an asset.

Third, plant a garden and build up a 6 month food supply. When they print food prices will inflate, after the worldwide ponzi collapse food distribution networks will be interrupted.

Freeze Dried Food

Finally, when they start laying off your local police force, the only security on your street in your neighborhood will be what you have set up in advance with your neighbors. You may want to get to know them, now.

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